Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #012 Recap and Review

Episode 12 features Steel grilling our heroes as she needs to understand what's happening. Eursolon has a private moment that changes everything.

Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #012 Recap and Review
Image: Worlds Beyond Number.

Author's note: This article will include spoilers for episode 12 of Worlds Beyond Number's main campaign - The Wizard, The Witch, and The Wild One.

Welcome back to another recap and review for Worlds Beyond Number! In this episode, we saw Steel splitting her mind to manage three different private conversations.

This one felt more like a recap until the end when Eursolon and Ame left for a new adventure.

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Let’s dive in!

Steel‘s Simultaneous Conversations

We pick up where we left off as Steel towers over our heroes through the mirror in Port Talon’s courtyard. She’s furious.

After our friends touch the orbs laid out for them, we realize that in private, Steel is kinder as she talks with each of the heroes.

She tests them and makes them tell her all the details from start to finish.

This takes up the majority of the episode as Steel is caught up with everything that happened since Suvi last talked to her and up until now. Which isn’t much, but technically our group promised a goddess they would free her husband from a deadly trap.

By the end of the conversation, she had invited Eursolon and Ame to the Citadel, where Suvi would also be tried.

This takes up most of the episode. But the vibe changes completely as Eursolon returns to his room.

Eursolon’s Quest Fever

Returning to his room and seeing the Coral ring made from Naram’s blood ignites something within Eursolon. He destroys the ring with Wave breaker, and the ring transforms into Naram’s blood. Through Eursolon’s rage destroying his room furniture, he cuts himself. The blood from the ring sips in and allows him to connect to Naram. While also allows him to change and become resistant to water.

Then he remembers where Naram had met him before. When he was a little cub, he fell into the water, and Naram saved him and returned him to his dad.

That memory felt more like a vision that Naram had shared with Eursolon instead of the latter remembering it suddenly. Eursolon was too small to remember it, but maybe that's just my human way of thinking about that.

This was a nice little memory that showed us some more worldbuilding from the world of spirits. As the memory draws to a close, Eursolon is committed and leaves to free Naram.

Ame and Fox join him.

Ame and Eursolon’s Adventure

As Ame calls for Suvi to join them, Suvi looks out the window and decides to stay Instead of disappointing Steel yet again.

Ame’s journey is short-lived as guards find her and stop her from following Eursolon, who is already deep in the water with Wavebreaker.

Eursolon finds that he can breathe underwater thanks to Naram’s blood flowing through his veins, which is super cool! Does that mean Eursolon could be granted more gifts like this one? Only the future will tell, but the precedent has been made.

”What would Suvi do?“ is a question that Eursolon asks himself when faced with the trap under The Derrick. He becomes invisible and finds that invisibility is enough to get him across. Finally, he communicates with Naram, and Naram explains he is stuck on his spear. He could exert a lot of power to free himself, but that would destroy Port Talon, and he prefers not to do it.

Eursolon decides to use WaveBreaker, and that’s where the episode ends. That fateful role can decide everything for Eursolon going forward.

Predictions for The Next Episode

Holy moly! Eursolon is striking true to free Naram. I‘m unsure whether he is striking Naram so that killing him would return him to the spirit realm or just the spear that keeps him stuck below him. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

Suvi does not follow her friends, so she’s safe from another encounter with Steel, who is on her way. We will probably see her arrive next episode. I’m not so sure what fate befalls our friends. Ame will probably be arrested if the soldiers find her suspicious, and Eursolon might end up as a replacement for Naram.

Would that mean that the rescue mission would be for him instead of Naram? I have no idea what’s happening, and this is fantastic storytelling. I’m so excited for the next episode! How about you? How are you finding the campaign so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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