Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #013 Recap and Review

Episode 13 is packed with action as all hell breaks loose. This episode features the beginning of the end of this arc in Port Talon.

Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #013 Recap and Review
Image: Worlds Beyond Number.

Welcome to another Recap and Review of Worlds Beyond Number's main campaign. Today, we're reviewing "Of the Gentle Sea," which is the penultimate episode of this arc.

Video: Worlds Beyond Number's YouTube Channel.

It had a lot going on, so let's jump right into it!

Eursolon's Life-Changing Moment Underwater

We return to Eursolon as he’s about to strike down the rod that keeps Naram bleeding in place. Brennan describes to Lou the moment as Eursolon’s first time in a long time touching his breath.

I wonder if the breath is like a soul for spirits in worlds Adjacent to Umora.

Eusrolon strikes true and instantly levels up to a level 2 Paladin. But then comes the consequences.

Naram escapes the trap of The Derrick, and Eursolon - now presenting to the world as a spirit - is picked up by the Derrick instead.

Lou fails all three saving throws and is rendered helpless in the trap. But not for long.

Although Eursolon is now in greater danger than anything he has ever experienced, he still sees this as a win. I loved seeing that growth in him. These actions inform what Ame does next.

Ame Finds Her Voice as a Witch

Ame realizes the complexity of the situation as Fox helps her with the necessary checks.

She gets a dirty twenty, and Brennan makes Erika choose. Do you want a full understanding of Naram’s mind, or want to know what’s up with Eursolon?

Ame chooses to understand Eursolon as well. Being a mediator between the worlds, Ame recognizes the choice Naram now faces - who pays the price? Naram or the Wizards?

All hell breaks loose when Ame guides Naram to restore balance by punishing the Wizards.

Weird Time For Suvi to Find Discipline

A quick note about Suvi, who decides to stay in doors and read a book at this point.

I guess she decides her friction with Steel last episode was too much. And now, no matter what, she’s gonna do what she’s told.

Aabria also drops an amazing line this episode - “Wild Ones will do as they will,” which is a great way to compartmentalize a few things: Eursolon will always be free, and Eursolon will always do what he wants, regardless of how I feel.

There is some depth here about the nature of their relationship and not just Eursolon’s nature as an honored friend.

Do you see it the same way?

The Derrick is No More

Naram goes all out, and even though Galani manages to land a hit, he proceeds to Send a tsunami on Port Talon that awakens Orima’s magic.

That’s the moment the chaos in the city begins and buys Naram some time to tie loose ends and leave.

As The Derrick is destroyed, all the hopes Morrow had are crushed. He wanted to present Naram to Steel. He wanted to move up in the wizardry world of Umora. Instead, Naram escaped and destroyed the Derrick. Hundreds of wizards that were on it immediately die as they fall from hundreds of feet in the air into the water.

Brennan describes Naram's actions as being extremely surgical and even then, hundreds of people instantly die. That shows the power of an old, powerful, honored friend.

I cannot help but wonder if Eursolon sees those extreme feats of power and thinks about his own abilities and whether he will be able to accomplish them given enough time in the world.

Mechanically, Naram has a number of Legendary resistances he can spend every day. What level should you be to obtain those in Dungeons and Dragons? That's a question for a different article. I'm still intrigued all the same.

Galani vs. Morrow

Galani tries to take ownership of the situation and fails against Morrow. Morrow takes about a hundred wizards after Naram on a pure act of treason.

He doesn’t know what awaits him underwater.

There still should be some credit given to Galani here. She represents the ideal Citadel Wizard. Suvi is the protagonist. We follow her journey. But through Galani, we see more of the type of wizards of the citadel and their capabilities.

Through Morrow and his ilk, we saw what wizards who fell through the Citadel's cracks are capable of.

Naram's Gift to Eursolon

After Naram destroys The Derrick, he checks Eursolon who has been completely freed from all effects. He also casts a greater restoration that removes all exhaustion levels from him.

Naram tells Eursolon he owes him his life. That’s a huge debt to repay. As a small token of appreciation, Naram gifts WaveBreaker to Eursolon while also sealing his wounds and permanently imbuing him with the ability to breathe underwater.

The group nicknames Eursolon Water Bear at that realization.

Immediately after their short conversation, Naram is hit by Morrow with a spell for Max damage. This is the first time Naram is hit, aside from Galani's hit earlier.

Another sign to show us that even wizards like Morrow, who "didn't succeed" in getting into the Citadel, are still powerful enough to hit a god on Umora.

That triggers Eursolon, who immediately dives towards him.

Morrow's Demise

The episode ends with Morrow being dragged underwater by the newly restored water bear and breaking concentration, dooming all wizards that came after him underwater.

The city is still in chaos, and Orima is still waiting for Naram to return home to the spirit realm. But for now, at least one problem is solved.

What's Next?

I predict the next episode will tie up more loose ends. Steel will arrive after the action has occurred - again.

I wonder what would have happened if Eursolon could wait for her. Naram has been underwater all this time. A few more hours wouldn’t have mattered in the long run.

But knowing that Eursolon could do something now instead of later is a powerful driving force for a spirit. We’ll see how she reacts soon!

What did you think about this episode? What was your favorite moment? Let me know in the comments below!