Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #011 Recap and Review

Our heroes find themselves in a pickle as a Goddess wants their compliance or their lives in this episode of Worlds Beyond Number's main campaign.

Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #011 Recap and Review
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Author's note: This article will include spoilers for episode 11 of Worlds Beyond Number's main campaign - The Wizard, The Witch, and The Wild One.

We're back with another recap and review of Worlds Beyond Number's main campaign! This time we're talking about episode 11, where our heroes make promises to a god they're not sure they can fulfill.

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Sounds like a lot of fun. Let's dive into it!

Negotiating With Orima

The episode begins back where we left off - Orima threatens to kill the group if they don't let her loose on the mortal realm. The way to do so is to take the offering on her altar and throw it away.

Ame, on the other hand, does not wish to be responsible for the death of countless innocents and refuses to do so.

After a heated back and forth with Orima, Eursolon steps up and offers to free Naram for Orima with WaveBreaker. To be clear, Eursolon himself doesn't know if he'll be able to do so. Only a spirit can wield WaveBreaker's power, and Eursolon has not been in touch with his spirit self for a long time. Orima reluctantly agrees, and we leave this place.

During that scene, there's an interesting bit going on with Suvi.

What’s Up With Suvi’s Pendant?

So, it is implied that Suvi did not know about the pendant glowing and concealing her from Orima, and she thought that "this bitch put me on mute," which is a hilarious level 1 wizard comment to make.

I didn't understand whether the pendant concealed her voice from her friends or not. I'm unsure if they ignored her while talking to Orima or did not hear her. What do you think?

Suvi was ordered never to let anyone know about this pendant. And as we all know, Wizards are defined by their secrets. And Stone and Soft - Suvi's parents - had many of those.

While Suvi was being ignored, she also cast Identity as a ritual on the altar, keeping Orima out of this world. It yielded some interesting results.

Let’s Talk About Suvi’s Identify

Suvi did not roll too well, but she did get one important piece of information about Ame and her role as a Witch. There was a rooster symbol on the altar, and it reacted to Ame passing by. If you didn't know, Rooster refers to Grandmother Ren's familiar who passed on with her.

Brennan gave Suvi a question: If Grandmother Ren is dead, how come her spells didn't die with her?

I think that all of those promises are made with the title Witch of Toma instead of a specific person like Grandmother Ren. So, when the title passed on to Ame, all those promises and active spells changed hands and kept active.

I believe it's the same for the curse that afflicts Ame. I don't think Ame herself has been cursed. It targets The Witch of Toma, and when Ame received the title from Grandmother Ren, it came with the full package - the good and the bad.

From there, we're off to take a full rest at the destroyed village close to Orima's shrine.

Resting Up at The Old Tavern

Ame was the only one who did not need a long rest, but Suvi and Eursolon were exhausted. This point right here is when Suvi starts her descent into what would come later.

She is terrified that she will arrive late and Steel will find out she broke her promise.

For now, the group rests with Fox, watching out for them.

Heated Conversation on The Way to Port Talon

On the way back, an interesting conversation ensues. Ame and Eursolon are surprised to find out that Suvi is pro-mortals against the spirits.

"If you come here, you get what you get" is a sentence that should have deeply hurt Eursolon, but in his scatterbrained state, he did not see it that way.

The conversation gives rise to an interesting debate. Should spirits be allowed to come to the mortal realm? What about all the good they have done? Naram is basically the reason Port Talon had fish and good harvests over the years.

A lot of people don't see it that way. And I believe Suvi, in her Wizardly ways, learned to count on herself, not some eternal being who comes to exert control over her home, no matter its influence.

It's a debate that is reminiscent of our own world. Would we get along without faith? Should gods' desires shape the world, or should we live completely secular lives? Religion dictates the lives of some people in the world and is wholly rejected in some other places. It's a debate with no clear answer and is eternal, just like the spirit realm.

From that heated debate on the way to Port Talon, we arrive at an even worse situation - trying to come back into the city through the gates.

The Terrible Encounter at The Gates

When the group tries to come back into the city, they decide to trick the guards instead of finding a sneaky way in. The dice do not roll in their favor, and the intimidation check Suvi makes when she reveals herself as a Citadel Wizard falls flat, and the guards believe she is a spirit trying to trick them.

At one point, Suvi even fires a harmful spell as a warning sign which makes the guards turn to threat mode, and that's when there's no way back.

Suvi is spiraling, talking about how they took her staff, that it's hers, and she will come for all of them. She's talking big but also giving "SPIRALING" energy.

That all could have been avoided if they didn't try to look like a pregnant woman and her brother returning from a destroyed village. This felt like a way for Brennan to punish them for shenanigans. And I felt for Suvi.

The episode ends as a giant mirror is put in the courtyard where Suvi, Eursolon, and Ame are placed against it. A tall Steel looking at them through the mirror is livid at Suvi's disregard for her promises. Honestly? I've been saying that Suvi neglected her duties to The Citadel and her surrogate mother. Sure, Steel is the Sword of The Citadel, but she also raised you after your parents died. In my books, Suvi should have shown more care for her. We'll see how it all comes crashing down for Suvi.

Predictions for The Next Episode

In the courtyard of Port Talon, Suvi is talking to Steel in a giant mirror.

What is there to predict? Suvi is getting schooled. She might even take a hit to her status. Steel is PISSED. However, I still think there will be some kind of reprimand, but when Steel arrives and Suvi has a chance to talk to her privately, maybe they can mitigate the relationship.

It will be tough to get out of this one, but as Steel wants Ame to speak, we might get a chance to learn that in this story, you don’t always have to carry your own weight by yourself. Maybe sometimes your friends can be there for you and Carry you when you’re incapable of doing so.

I’m terrified of what Steel will do. Yet, she kind of alluded to it in her private conversation with Suvi that Suvi might do something like this and is one of the best because of it. So I guess we will see. Maybe it’s all a show for the public.

What did you think about this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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