Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #010 Recap and Review

Worlds Beyond Number: Episode 10 of The Wizard, The Witch, and The Wild One brings our heroes to the door of an angry goddess.

Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #010 Recap and Review
Image: Worlds Beyond Number.

Author's note: This article will contain spoilers for Worlds Beyond Number's 10th episode of the main campaign.

Welcome to another recap and review of Worlds Beyond Number's main campaign! Today we're talking about episode 10 and how it reunited our heroes and brought them straight to the shrine of an angry goddess.

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Let's dive in!

Discovering Fox’s Plan

When Ame asks the fox where he is, he doesn't give her much, just that he's outside the wall. Looking through his eyes, she realizes in terror that he's walking among the salt fires that keep the Kudzu away from the city.

Aside from going after Fox and trying to save him, there's not much else to do, which is exactly what Ame does alone. Eursolon is missing, and Suvi left for the night. So Ame did not have a choice and just left a note to Suvi with the book depicting WaveBreaker as Naram's sword.

Later that night, Suvi returns from the governor's office because she can't sleep, only to find Eursolon asleep on the floor and the door to her room slammed off its hinges.

Suvi discovers the letter left by Ame and goes to wake Eursolon up and discovers he has WaveBreaker. Together they set off in Ame's general direction.

This little adventure, mind you, directly violates Suvi's promise to Steel. I'm sure it's going to bite her back at some point.

Sneaking Out of The Wall

Ame manages to hide on a wagon going out of the wall with a nat 20 stealth, so everything goes out smoothly for her. She drops off when the lights from the city are no longer visible, but the fires are.

Completely alone, she makes her way to the Kudzu, where Fox awaits her after a short conversation about broken trust.

Later in the episode, as Ame is wandering the Kudzu field in search of Fox, Brennan depicts a terrifying scene where it's implied the Kudzu has killed off Fox and are now coming for Ame. She extinguishes her fire and lets them come.

When Fox hears about it, he curses and starts looking for her, too.

Suvi and Eursolon's attempt to exit the city walls does not go so smoothly. Instead, Suvi disguises herself as a pregnant woman, and Eursolon tries to persuade the guard to let his "sister" return to a destroyed village only to see that it's no longer there. It doesn't go well, but they manage to escape the city walls.

Eursolon Tries The Kinship Angle With Orima

Eursolon has the ability to talk to plants and animals. And so, spirit to spirit, he tries to persuade Orima to help them find Ame. The dice did not agree with him, and Orima was livid with his audacity to ask her for help.

There's a whole world of spirit dynamics that only Eursolon is privy to, and I think this conversation showed just how low Eursolon is on the spirit meter.

This conversation does not go his way, as Orima captures Ame and orders Eursolon to come and bring WaveBreaker to her shrine.

Marching To Orima’s Shrine

This part of the episode showed us different sides of Eursolon and Suvi. For all her Wizardly pride, Suvi is a soldier. She can march and survive in harsh conditions. She might not be strong or have a high constitution, but she can adapt to situations. The little moss she eats is another fantastic world-building detail showing that Citadel wizards are capable of more than the typical wizard would do.

Eursolon, on the other hand, is dying over here. He is not used to walking without eating for so long, and they also don't have water. This is another character detail that shows us that Eursolon fell far from the tree of spirit. I would imagine that a bear would find his way to survive in a forest, but this was not the case for our hero.

Sometime later, Fox arrives and helps them find the way to the shrine while also giving starving Eursolon a bite to help him keep going.

Reuniting At The Shrine

The group arrives at the shrine and reunites with Ame, who has been essentially getting a long rest there. Ame invokes her training and starts to speak to Orima.

Orima is NOT happy. She wants to be let loose on the earth to save her husband. However, Ame wants to get a promise out of her to spare Port Talon's citizens, and we arrive at a stalemate when Orima refuses to do as asked.

Orima has an interesting turn of phrase in that she doesn't enjoy killing innocents, but if there were innocents killed, then they are part of the hefty price that the humans need to pay to the spirits.

In one way, I feel like a spirit like Orima is eternal and just sees mortals come and go all the time. What would it mean if some of them died? Nothing important.

On the other hand, because Orima is so neglectful in her view of mortals, it just means that if she were to be let loose in the mortal world, countless innocents would die despite her words.

What would you have done if you were in Ame's place? I'm curious to know! Let me know in the comments below.

The episode ends with Orima reacting to Ame's refusal to free her with thirty Kudzu outside the door to the shrine that threatens to kill the group if they leave without freeing Orima from the promise that binds her: an offering of a meal on the altar.

Predictions For The Next Episode

Orima is RAGING. I wonder if there’s a trick here, like when a bear threatens you. Do witches learn to handle spirits who become hostile and endanger the balance between worlds?

If Ame refuses to do as asked to unleash Orima on the world, it will be a fight. But if she does, Port Talon suffers, and Orima would obviously not take care to spare people in her path of destruction to free Naram. She literally needs to cut through the city to get to the harbor and from there to The Derrick.

Orima had harsh words for Eursolon. I wonder if there’s still some way for him to gain her trust by maybe offering an alternative. He might not be his spirit self for now. Could something change to allow him to bear the sword and its gifts?

What do you think happens next? I’m so excited to see how they resolve this! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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