Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #009 Recap and Review

Things heat up on episode 9 of The Wizard, The Witch and The Wild One. It's time to decide what to do with the discovery at the Derrick.

Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #009 Recap and Review
Image: Worlds Beyond Number.

Author's Note: This article will include spoilers for Worlds Beyond Number's main campaign, episode 9.

Welcome to another recap and review of Worlds Beyond Number's main campaign's episode 9! Things are heating up on this podcast and our heroes react to the creature they find at the bottom of the ocean, trapped by the Derrick.

Video: Worlds Beyond Number's YouTube Channel.

This episode fractured our group and made each go their own way for a bit. A lot has happened, so let's dive right in!

Appeasing Morrow at The Derrick

When Suvi says, "What have you done" Morrow looks horrified. Everything he worked on is kind of blowing up in his face. At the last moment, Suvi decides not to give up the game, and after a sad history check, she decides to let him have this for now.

Ame and Eursolon do not take this as easily as Suvi. Eursolon immediately recognizes that the creature of the deep is a spirit. Ame makes a bigger realization - this is a spirit, and they have met before. The gigantic Lionfish at the bottom of the ocean is none other than Naram - the spirit that the statue with the scratched-out face that Ame restored thanks to Fox.

When that moment happened, and Ame fell ill, that was Naram communicating with her and giving her a vision that this was what was happening to him. Honestly, I should have made the connection back when this was first introduced. Brennan rarely gave anything that the players could not have figured out on their own. It's just that sometimes their dice rolls suck.

After the "project tour" on the Derrick, the group returns to their rooms in the fortress and discusses their next moves.

Ame’s Quest to Free Naram Splits The Group

When our heroes return to their room, Ame suggests they free Naram from captivity. This is where I thought this was going. But the group does not so readily agree with her. Eursolon is detached and just wants to go away. When Ame suggests this could have been him, he just leaves to his own room.

Suvi also disagrees with Ame and says they should just go. This wasn't their fight, but Ame argues that it is her duty to stay and do what she can to free Naram.

And so, the group splinters as everybody goes to do something alone. From this point in the episode, we alternate between our heroes all doing their own thing.

WaveBreaker is Naram’s Sword

When we follow Ame, she goes to the library to do some research. While she's researching, the scenes with Suvi and Eursolon already happen.

Ame realizes in a book that WaveBreaker is Naram's sword that was gifted to him by his father. When she returns to the rooms, she finds that Eursolon is missing and Suvi's door is locked - so she breaks it.

Fox is also missing, and when she contacts him, Ame realizes that he played a trick on her.

Recovering WaveBreaker From Gallows

When we follow Eursolon, we find him returning to the Ace of Wands - the luxury gaming house. There, we find him drinking and waiting for Gallows.

When Gallows finally shows up, he already knows and has WaveBreaker. A job well done, and Eursolon even manages to get a favor rope from Will Gallows. That might come up at some point.

Eursolon is having a rough time. And this was one thing he could do. Finish the quest. Get WaveBreaker. His hope was that on the morrow, they would leave for the next destination where Ame's curse might be cured.

Staying in his room after returning, he drinks some wine and falls asleep on the floor with WaveBreaker in tow.

I think that Ame's words cut deep. He's a spirit - but is he still? He has been living all these years among mortals, but he can't get home. He doesn't experience being a spirit in this mortal realm.

Suvi’s Difficult Conversation With Steel

After the group splits, for the first time, Suvi attempts to find someone who could put her in touch with the Citadel. And what do you know? She runs into Wizard Galani.

Wizard Galani tells her that Steel is on the way. And that simple sentence rocks Suvi's entire shit.

She leaves a note under Eursolon's door (which Eursolon finds and takes with him to the Ace of Wands) and tells him she'll be back in the morning and leaves with Wizard Galani to the Governor's office, where she has a private conversation with Steel through a mirror.

In that conversation, she fills in all the blanks for Steel, gets schooled a little for making Steel worry, and promises to put everything "on ice" for three days until Steel arrives.

In the meantime, Fox is up to something.

What is Fox Up to?

Fox's words to Ame before the episode ends are, "I'm gonna make you do what you wanted to do," as he heads out of the city through the salt fires. He literally lied to her and told her he was getting food while, in truth, he just got a head start.

Fox knew Ame would find out where he was headed; it was only a matter of time. I have to say, I never knew familiars could go that far away from their masters and still retain their bond with them. I love that in Umora, that's possible. Maybe you can leave your familiar at home for a day or two but keep in touch with them in their head while you're far away.

Also, I love Fox very much!

Predictions For The Next Episode

It seems like the next episode will bring the group together to go after Ame and Fox. Suvi is supposed to be on lockdown, but obviously, she wouldn’t. And Eursolon, now with the sword, will go after Ame when he reads her letter.

What is the purpose of all of this? I’m not sure. They need to get to The Derrick to free Naram, but Fox is walking outside Port Talon, not to the harbor.

Maybe the fox has some kind of hunch of somewhere they could go to help free Naram. Maybe he’s going to Orima’s shrine? There doesn’t seem to be any rush. The honored friend under The Derrick was there for months, if not years, before the gang arrived. What would three more days do? But obviously, the fox doesn’t see it that way and is hellbent on making Ame go after what she desires.

Obviously, the group will not wait for Steel, which will strain Suvi’s relationship with her.

What do you think will happen? Let me know in the comments below!

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