Dimension 20: Fantasy High Junior Year Episode 1 Recap and Review

We’re back in Spyre, but surprisingly not in Elmville! Dive into the first episode of Dimension 20: Fantasy High Junior Year. It feels like home.

Dimension 20: Fantasy High Junior Year Episode 1 Recap and Review
Image: Dimension 20.
Author’s note: This article will include spoilers for the 1st episode of Fantasy High Junior Year.

We’re back in Spyre. And we’re back to reviewing more episodes of Dimension 20.

By the time this gets published (because I’m lazy), the second episode of the season will have aired. But as of writing these words, I have not watched it yet. Any predictions I make at the end of this article are purely based on the first episode.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it!

Dimension 20: Junior Year Episode 1

As summer nears its end, the Bad Kids attempt to take care of one last task.

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We Dive Right In

Just like we’re diving straight in, so did the season by putting us directly into a fight with the one and only Night Yorb.

I have to admit this beginning threw me off. I believed the Night Yorb would be the whole next season but apparently, when we catch up with our heroes, they’ve been busy hunting for the Night Yorb this whole time.

Now, as we begin this journey of 20 episodes, I’m all the more curious as to what this season holds in the future. That whole beginning aside from the (re)introductions felt like episode 17 of a 19-episodes-long season. The final battle.

Our characters are now a little bit older. Riz became a hipster, Adaine the elven Oracle needs a job, Fig is still a rock star Archdevil who is in love with Ayda Aguefort, Fabian is in love with a… mirror entity? Gorgug is still a gentle-but-badass half-orc, and, last but not least, Kristen is becoming a buff cleric who still can’t stand the god she created.

The Dome Is SO Ready For This

Thanks to all the amazing Game Masters of the last six years, but let’s be real - mainly Aabria Iyengar, the dome is now more than it ever was back in the first seasons of this anthology series.

As I understand it, the dome is now permanent. There’s no more filming in a warehouse at 3 AM.

The evolution began with changing colors, then it evolved into shapes behind the dome wall in Misfits and Magic, and from then onwards the dome evolved even further to accommodate images, animations, and more.

Every season of D20 have made the dome even better. And I can’t wait to see what new thing this season will bring.

But for now, let’s talk about the story. Starting with one baffling revelation.

Squeem is Not a Former Companion

This first episode started a comedy bit that I did not understand at first. I thought everything we saw had some merit in past seasons. Instead, we’re here after months of chasing the Night Yorb and making some friends along the way.

Talk about getting right into the action!

As I watched the episode I wrecked my brain: Squeem? Who TF is that!? How did I miss it and Gorgug being close friends? Did I miss a one shot? Was it featured in a past season and I completely missed it?

Thank you to the Reddit user who explained the bit That Squeem, Fabian’s mirror(ish) partner, and the rest is all the result of a journey we were not along for and happened before the season begins.

Are We Going To Defeat The Night Yorb?

So, we‘re fighting the Night Yorb. Are we going to get rid of it in the first couple of episodes of this season?

From a joke by Murph in Sophomore year, this creature evolved to have a boss mini and an annoying feature to increase its HP by 5 every time the term “Night Yorb” is spoken.

I think that capturing it (or defeating it) early in the season serves as a way to show us just how strong our characters have become. But if that’s right, it means the battles going forward are going to be just as tough if not tougher.

They fought a literal dragon in the finale of the first season and fought a god in the finale of the second season - what could you make next that is even tougher than that? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

What Does Beginning The Season With a Battle Means?

A battle is fast paced enough to bring us back into the action. By going the battle route, we allow ourselves to absorb a lot of information right away because the turns are pretty short. That as opposed to a long intro for each character and then bringing them together as Brennan is known to do when GMing a game with entirely new characters.

But this season is a sequel to the sequel. No introductions needed.

And if you’re watching this without watching what happened before, you’ve got some catching up to do! A lot happened in both two full seasons of episodes, and in a few events that featured players from the cast. And two sidequests in this world: The Seven and Pirates of Leviathan.

Predictions For The Next Episode

The episode ended with Fig unleashing something on the battlefield. I’m not sure what that is or where we’ve seen it before. But I guess it’s either something we’ve seen before, or it’s another event that occurred “off-screen” that might be the catalyst to start off this season.

That thing could either be a game changer that will lead to ending the fight, or it‘s going to be something new that will help with the fight. Either way, I believe the fight will end in episode 2. It’s just a matter of is it going to happen early so there’s more story, or is it going to take the whole second episode as well?

I guess we’ll find out! If you haven’t watched the second episode yet, please share Your predictions below! If you did watch the second episode, feel free to share your favorite moments but add a SPOILER WARNING before the actual comment!