Game Changer's Sixth Season Premiere Is Just Another Prank on Brennan Lee Mulligan

Let's review the season premiere of Game Changer's sixth season.

Game Changer's Sixth Season Premiere Is Just Another Prank on Brennan Lee Mulligan
Image: Dropout.

Sam Reich is returning with Game Changer's sixth season, which couldn't be more chaotic. Or could it?

I thought I saw it all when we played 'Yes or No,' but I guess I was wrong. There's still more Chaos yet to be uncovered.

Let's talk about it!

Game Changer Season 6 - Second Place

The first episode of season 6.

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Sam Reich is Back At It Again

Every Game Changer season since the 4th one brought something unique to the table. In season 4, it was Survivor. In season 5, it was the Battle Royale.

What is it going to be this season? I'm very curious to know. I feel like it's related to the room with mirrors we saw in the trailer for this season.

What do you think? I'm curious to see what you think I may have missed. Let me know in the comments below!

Sam's chaotic bit was awarding points for 2nd place for this specific episode, which is one of the funniest things to put Brennan in. And, of course, Brennan immediately recoiled with, "I'm going to do my best."

"I'm The Definition of Mid"

Oscar Montoya is one of the most talented humans on earth. His Performance as Rue from A Court of Fey and Flowers is still one of the most amazing things to have ever happened.

I loved how Oscar said things like, "I'm the Definition of Mid" and "This feels like it was made for me," which is super funny.

Oscar channeled peak authenticity for me in this episode.

Sam is the host, so we don't see much of his reaction to things; he only facilitates them. Ally channeled peak Chaos. They will always choose to do the thing Sam doesn't expect. And Brennan channeled peak performance. He always did his best in every challenge presented to him.

Oscar was the only one who approached each new prompt openly while also lifting up his competitors. You're fantastic, Oscar! Never change!

Brennan Created Another Cup Speech

At the end of this episode, we get a dramatic speech from Brennan after Sam tells him he won the episode, which essentially means fuck 2nd place and do your best every time.

It is definitely going to become another merch item. I'm 99% sure it will.

The featured image of this article is from that speech, which brought Brennan up close and personal with us, the viewers.

Thank you for lifting us up, Brennan. We love you.

Can We Put Ash In More Things?

One of the most surprising things in this episode was Ash revealing a 2nd edition box set of Lord of The Rings.

And I find it curious that I never heard them speak before. I think Ash should be a vocal participant in more things!

I Wonder What's In Store For This Season

A chaotic episode like this was the finale of season 2 of Game Changer with Yes or No. Now, four seasons later, this is the appetizer. It's the amuse-bouche of the season if you will.

Now that we have Very Important People, which is almost a prompt from Game Changer since we did have prompts that involved Clothes. And we also have Make Some Noise - which is undoubtedly a spin-off from Game Changer's Noise Boys. I wonder what kind of episodes Sam has in store to "test" new spin-off shows.

It's clear that Dropout is growing, with shows already slated for release this year. But what's next?

I guess Sam intends to create shows on Dropout that allow him to hire his friends again. We all love to work with friends, and I would love to see new shows from people like Rekha Shankar, Katie Marovitch, and Mike Trapp.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!