Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #015 Recap and Review

"Hold On Tight" teaches us more about Ame and how Umora works. And it introduces us to life in the citadel for our honored friend and Suvi.

Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #015 Recap and Review
Image: Worlds Beyond Number.

Welcome to the recap and review of "Hold On Tight" - Worlds Beyond Number's 15th episode of the main campaign.

This one revolved mostly around Ame's memories.

Video: Worlds Beyond Number's YouTube Channel.

Let's jump in!

Merara introduction

We begin this episode with memories from Grandmother Ren. This whole sequence feels like we accomplish two goals: getting to know Ame on a deeper level, and getting to know Umora on a deeper level.

Merara arrives to talk to Ren, and Ame is sent to escort her in. She’s also a witch in the coven Grandmother Ren belongs to. There had to be a coven. I didn’t even think about it, but it makes total sense.

We learn that Merara is responsible for the Waning Moon, and Ren is responsible for the World’s Heart.

Merara seems agitated. She says we don’t have much time. We still do not know what she was referring to.

When she leaves, there’s a whole session with Ren teaching Ame about the witches and how there are only 5 today when there were 13 before without successors.

Ame learns her role as a witch of the World’s Heart is to deal with people. I love that! The funny thing is that we saw Ame do that without getting the title. So, it fits her. Maybe that’s part of the training that she did instinctively.

We also learn that Ren was 172 years old in that memory. Holy moly!

Ame’s festival altercation

We find that Ame is now 14 years old as we go forward. She’s past that one summer when Suvi and Eursolon stayed at the cottage.

We find Ame getting into a fight with a village girl, and Ren stops her before she does anything worse than hitting the other girl in the face.

The girls are saying Ame is not even a girl because she’s a witch. And that triggers her. She just wanted to have a normal childhood.

Ame threatens to use Magic as payback on the girls, which gives Grandmother Ren pause. She tells Ame never to thread such thoughts as the Magic could easily overtake her.

A heartbreaking scene ensues when Grandmother Ren hugs her and tells her she misses her friends.

Clues About Suvi

The sour conversation takes a turn when the women start talking about Suvi. Ame even has a huge notebook with anything she knows about her.

Grandmother Ren tells Ame about Yoren and a secret sect within the citadel that turned on Soft and Stone.

We still don’t know how Yoren cursed the witches. That’s a memory that wasn’t present. Maybe that was the memory that the curse tried to take when leaving.

Suvi needed to be protected from something while also thriving in her ability. The citadel was the perfect place to do so. And that’s why Steel took her there, even though Grandmother Ren could protect her.

Ren’s Knowledge of The Man In Black

In the final memory, weeks before Suvi meets Ame as an adult. She warns her there will be a moment in the transition of power between her and Ren after Ren’s passing. The man in black might strike then.

She also describes some names he has. He moves upon the land with a force that even she can’t predict.

The most important part was not to grant him entry to the house. We know Ame did do that, but based on her own wits instead of her knowledge as a witch from Grandmother Ren’s teachings.

It will be interesting to see how she deals with him when the year is over.

After that memory ends, Ame wakes up in the citadel, realizing it’s been a month of coma for her.

Suvi Post-Month in the Citadel

We find Suvi in bed with Silver (Silbur? Not sure what his name is). They are very obviously naked and in love. We love to see our queen living her best life. She’s still the same Suvi we know, only now with a partner who accepts her energy.

When she gets the message that Ame is up, she totally wants to be there as fast as possible. Her partner opens a dimension door straight into his own set of rooms. Such fancy these mages have.

He leaves, and she gets out into the hallway completely naked. I loved the Suvi energy in this post-month introduction. When the messenger screams, she realizes and gets dressed.

Getting Eursolon On The Way

Outside her room, we find Eursolon sleeping on a flower bed. Lots of empty cans of food and drink around him. Remember, Eursolon wears a glamor even here in the citadel and is called Bear.

So, what you should have imagined is a human sleeping on the floor with lots of empty cans of food and drink around him. It’s a totally different energy than imagining Eursolon, the honored friend there.

The entire thing is illusory and there are not really birds and flowers where Eursolon lives. When he leaves with Suvi to find Ame, we learn the area is self-cleaning, which is super cool. I wish that worked in real life, too.

Almost Catching Up With Ame

When getting to Ame, Erika rolls to see how much time they have to catch up. Steel will also arrive shortly.

When getting to talk, Ame tells the group she remembers her teachings from Grandmother Ren. Fox seems to go to sleep when she wakes up. Feels like Ying and Yang. She was sleeping, so he refused to sleep.

After talking to Steel, she advises them to go to Suvi’s room to talk in peace. The episode ends there shortly.

This episode felt like a prelude to everything. Most of it was memories from Ame. We also got to see the characters after a month of not seeing them. What kind of life did they lead in the Citadel while living there? There’s much we don’t know. We also don’t know what else Ame remembers. Those were only a handful of memories we saw in the episode, but Ame spent a lifetime with Grandmother Ren.

What did you think about this episode? Let me know in the comments below!