Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #006 Recap and Review

Let's talk about Episode 6 of The Wizard The Witch and The Wild One - Worlds Beyond Number's main campaign. This one was a long one!

Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #006 Recap and Review
Image: Worlds Beyond Number.

Author's Note: This article will contain spoilers for Worlds Beyond Number's main campaign, episode 006.

Welcome back to another recap and review! This time we're talking about episode six! The sixth episode of The Wizard, The Witch, and The Wild One was two hours long. A touch longer than the ninety-minute episodes we listened to so far. The adventure is picking up.

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Let's dive into all this episode had in store with one crucial question:

Do We Feel Cheated?

So, the last episode ended with Eursolon casting Lay On Hands on Ame and supposedly failing as the nature vines that appear have no effect and immediately shrivel and die.

As this episode picks up, it's not mentioned. Ame is fine and has no ill after-effects after experiencing those visions while casting Mending on the statue.

So, either that ending was a little flourish on Brennan's part to end the episode in suspense, or this event refers to something that may yet return to haunt Ame.

I mean, we all know Brennan Lee Mulligan.

Anyway, as the rain continues and the group is reunited with Fox, they head to the entrance of the luxurious mansion - their earlier destination - and realize it's a gaming house - which I assume is a gambling house where intrigue and networking are facilitated for the upper echelons of Port Talon.

Getting Into The Luxurious Gaming House

Lilah greets the group after Ame introduces them and their "customs" to cover for Fox's interruptions. They are led to the drawing room, where people rest before joining the games on the lower floor.

The group settles into a table in the drawing room, and Suvi makes herself known by taking off her jacket and hanging it where everyone can see right before she makes an Investigation check and see what names she picks up. Her investigation yields three: Pain, Morrow, and Delani. She doesn't recognize the first two, but she does remember Delani.

While Suvi is trying to be helpful, Eursolon is starstruck by the whole luxury of the place as he orders drinks from a mustached bartender, and Ame is investigating who is NOT paying attention to the group. And that was the cudgel - a name given to a person with a cudgel - who sits near a door and reads a newspaper.

This person and Ame exchanged words that made him leave and call Arli Price - a person we will soon discover is an assistant to Will Gallows, but we only know that as she leads the group to a room where they sit and wait for Will Gallows to show up.

Dealing With Will Gallows For WaveBreaker

Will Gallows is one stoic crime lord. The way Brennan portrayed and voiced him makes me think he probably has the tough job of leading a criminal cabal under the nose of the city leadership.

And I bet he probably has kids that he shows them a whole different personality. That's one of the ways these kinds of villains are humanized. We won't know until our heroes decide to find out more about him.

But for now, our heroes ask Will about WaveBreaker, and as Eursolon explains its origin, Lou hits a nat 20 on insight and discovers he condemned Finley to death. We'll get to that later.

Will doesn't really care about the sword. He cares more about the people sitting right before him and how their needs can help fulfill his own. Before they even begin dealing, he makes a weird comment about how nobody would know to look for them if he and his people took them out. And Suvi doesn't confirm that for him.

I believe that comment was there for Brennan to communicate to the players, or at least Suvi, that keeping Steel in the dark is unfair. Suvi has a broken communication mirror in her backpack, and she just earlier today witnessed Ame casting Mending on the face of a statue. Surely her magic can restore a mirror. Suvi need only ask.

And I get why Suvi didn't initially tell anyone where she was going with Ame - she was supposed to witness Grandma Ren's passing and then return home to The Citadel. But now that she has her little adventure - the thing she craved for so long - she doesn't want the citadel to take it away by forcing her to return home.

As Ame asks for a price for the sword, Will Gallows calls for 5000 Imperial Marks, which is not the kind of money Suvi has on hand. So she calls it, and they decide to have the crass conversation: Help Wizard Pain lose the favor of his companions by exposing his stealings from the coffers.

After he names the price for WaveBreaker, the conversation ends swiftly. Suvi is quite literally speechless. The group leaves the mansion right after Lilah gives them the card to Room 4 - Will Gallows' room in case they return.

So, this was a stressful scene, but as Ame reminds us later, they did not commit to doing the dirty for Will. They just know that's one path to get to WaveBreaker. As they mull over the plan, they find a little place to stay for the night.

Finding a Room For The Night

The group settles in a lowly inn for 3 coppers that Eursolon pays for out of pocket and gets a long rest.

In the morning, they recuperate, and before heading out, they decide on nicknames: Toma for Eursolon and Sky for Suvi. Ame does not pick one for herself. As a witch, she is pretty welcome almost everywhere.

As they talk to Arthur, the innkeeper, they decide to pay him a gold coin for the whole top floor for two weeks. That's pretty impressive. I wonder what they'll do with all of this space, or was that some sort of nice gesture on Suvi's part?

After detouring to let Finley know that Will Gallows is after him, we also find evidence of Ghost sneakily leaving and taking Flicker - the construct - with her.

I really hope we see more of her in the future. She's a very cool character, and I believe with some help, she could be a real badass.

Visiting The Azure Battalion and Meeting Morrow

The episode ends with Suvi revealing herself to the Azure Battalion, and Morrow greets her and her companions with fireworks. If anyone doubted that Suvi was here, it's gone now. Anyone who can see these fireworks outside the Azure Battalion Compound knows she's here.

That includes anyone related to the citadel who might be in Port Talon at the moment and can tip Steel off that Suvi is here and not in Toma.

So what will Suvi do here? If Will Gallows is to give WaveBreaker, Suvi needs to find Pain and expose him.

I'm excited to see what's coming next. What did you think about this episode? Comment below!

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