Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #003 Recap and Review

Worlds Beyond Number WWW #003 - The Charter is a fantastic episode showing a deeper understanding of our heroes and their relationships.

Worlds Beyond Number: WWW #003 Recap and Review
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Author's Note: This article will include spoilers for Worlds Beyond Number's Main campaign, episode 3.

In the last episode, Suvi and Ame met up with Eursolon after Fox - Ame's newly admitted Familiar - led them to him by smell.

Episode 3 was a fantastic reminder of the chemistry between Erika, Aabria, Lou, and Brennan. It was emotionally charged and filled with homie scenes about the nature of friendships, shame, and pain. Our heroes traversed them fantastically.

Let's jump right into it.

Reconnecting With Eursolon

The episode picks up where Episode 2 left us: Finding Eursolon and giving him a quest to find WaveBreaker, the sword Suvi gifted him as a kid.

But before we get to the quest, we hear from Eursolon about what had led him to work for the theatre. We also have a guest co-worker - Oscar - who comes to visit, and Eursolon reveals to him his true self.

This scene felt so energizing. There's just something about reconnecting with an old friend and helping them change their environment to something more positive that is empowering. We don't get to do it a lot in real life.

Eursolon picks up his things after a bit of conversation, and we move on from the theatre to more important things.

We Embark on Our Quest

Brennan pulls our heroes away from the fair and brings them to a point where they must decide whether to seek passage on a ship or walk the coast. Suvi wants to pursue a path on a boat since she has the status drop of being an imperial wizard.

I loved that the discussion was even brought up. We learn that under all the strength and wizardly robes, Suvi is a little spoiled. She wanted to run away from her golden handcuffs in the Citadel, but we're not sure how she'll fare when faced with the realities of life. It will be interesting to see her grow.

And so the team goes to the port to seek a ship.

Seeking Passage on a Ship

Suvi's attempt to secure passage through her status did not go well. Aabria's dice did not agree with her, and the persuasion check failed.

Honestly? I'm kind of happy it did. It made for a better story to fail in a storytelling dice roll and face the consequences: our heroes would have to seek passage on a different ship, not imperial, and much less lavish.

And they had to help load the cargo, too.

Another sign of Suvi's spoiled life in the Citadel is when she asks for Coffee. There is none on a ship like this; she gets a single lime instead.

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The First Night Together

Eursolon, Ame, and Suvi sleep in a cabin with sacks of potatoes.

Of course, Eursolon doesn't mind, as he always sleeps outdoors anyway. Ame doesn't care either, as she has slept on the floor.

Only Suvi minds when there's no bed. Again, the spoiled thing. Aabria helps us hammer home that this wizard probably doesn't have a high score in the Survival skill.

We learned more about Suvi and Eursolon in this episode than anyone else. And even though we had such a tremendous character-building session, Brennan HAD to end it with a cliffhanger.

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The Pouring Blackness

The episode ends when the ship's captain finds Ame, and as the conversation progresses, Ame reveals she's a witch.

At that moment, everything changes. The demeanor changes, the music, and the vibe turns dark immediately.

And the lovely captain lady transforms into something else, with darkness pouring out of her mouth. I'm unsure what this creature is, but I have a hunch for the next episode.

This could be one of two scenarios:

  1. The cliffhanger is there to make you listen to the next episode, which would reveal this lady to be some kind of creature - but not necessarily evil. It's very Ghibli to do something like that.
  2. This would transition into a fight. Aside from Eursolon's escape in episode 1, we didn't engage in battle from the start of the journey until now.

Either way, I'm excited to listen to the next episode now that I wrote this review! What did you think about this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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