I Played D&D For The First Time This Week For The Channel

I Played D&D For The First Time This Week For The Channel
Image: Snapshot from Riverside.

A couple of months ago, an idea popped up in our community that we should probably hold a Geek Peek D&D Game.

After interviewing so many people in the tabletop role-playing game community, it made sense to officially join the community with our very own one-shot or maybe even a campaign.

So, on Sunday, I took half a day off of work to be at home in time to play a one-shot with my friends from the Discord server.

Let's talk about it!

What Did I Play?

I played a College of Eloquence Bard. The one-shot was an Oops all Bards game. We didn't initially plan it this way, but when the idea was raised in our Discord chat, we immediately hopped on the hype train and went with it.

We will release the one-shot soon, so I don't want to say too much, but if you're a free subscriber, I'll reveal my actual character story below.

Where Did The Game Take Place?

The game takes place in the world of Faerun in a small town close to Waterdeep called Verily.

But the players themselves were not from there. We had met elsewhere and come together for the one-shot.

How Long is The One Shot?

We started filming at around 4 PM my time and finished filming at 11.30 PM. The recording says we're somewhere at 6.5 hours of recorded video, but it will be trimmed down by a large margin. So, I'm guessing the one-shot will be about 4 hours long. We also did a special Adventuring Party segment that we will keep for those in the community who want some BTS content reserved only for members.

How Does It Feel to Play D&D For The First Time?

Playing D&D is the ultimate escape. I enjoyed every moment of the story and managed to imagine it in my mind.

I also found it empowering to become my character and have other thoughts for the duration of the game.

It was amazing, and while I was tired after a long day at 11.30 PM, I was still feeling energized by the whole experience.

I'm excited to share the One-shot on YouTube after we edit it!

Thank you for reading, if you're a member, see below for my character details before we release the one-shot to the world!