Fallout Episode 2 Review: Ziggie’s Secret and Lucy’s Wild Adventures

Explore my take on Fallout Episode 2: The Target. We talk about Ziggie's escape, Lucy's survival, and unexpected twists. Share your thoughts!

Fallout Episode 2 Review: Ziggie’s Secret and Lucy’s Wild Adventures
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The second episode of Fallout kicks off with the intriguing character of Ziggie, a scientist who makes a daring escape from his own workplace. The mystery deepens as we learn about the shard he injected into his head, leaving us eager to discover its implications.

Moreover, we are treated to a deeper understanding of the Fallout world through the evolving character of Lucy, sparking our interest further.

Before we dive in, here's your one and only Spoiler alert! This review will include spoilers. If you haven't watched the episode yet, you can catch it on Amazon Prime Video*.

Let’s dive in!

Introducing Ziggie

The most important part about Ziggie’s introduction in the beginning of the episode, is the shard he injects himself with.

The dog killing the scientist is just a regular thing that happens in this world. It’s very dangerous.

There’s something very reluctant about Ziggie. He doesn’t really want to be running away, and he doesn’t really care about anything.

Given what he tells Lucy later, I don’t know what he knows about the vaults and the future, but he seems to know a lot and is disappointed with all of his knowledge.

Am I totally missing something in his behavior? Let me know in the comments below.

Lucy In The Wild

The very first thing I noticed about Lucy was the mistake she made in starting a fire at night. We don’t know what’s out there yet. But perhaps that’s her pre-apocalypse camping training kicking in.

A lot of things happened to Lucy in this episode that made me think she’s brave but will have to learn some hard lessons to understand how the surface works. The people from the vaults were supposed to save Earth, but now we know Earth didn’t need saving. Humanity survives even after the apocalypse.

I would love to see through Lucy’s lens what kind of culture this world has. What do they eat? What do they drink outside of Nuka Cola? Purified water is almost impossible to get, and humans can’t survive without it. So, how do small towns solve that problem?

Do they just not purify water or make a “best effort” to purify it before drinking it? In Fallout 4, you can purify water in your settlement by building purifiers and connecting them to generators. But does a small town do that, too?

Lucy is a perfect outsider to show more of how the world works, and I’m excited to see what else she discovers.

Is Maximus Wanted Now?

Remember I said Maximus is a shitty person? In this episode, I got another validation that I was right. No matter how much you hate your boss, you won’t let them die.

We don’t even see what he did with the body. We only know he let him die because he didn’t give him the stimpack. Maximus wanted the suit, and that’s it. And we saw he didn’t really use it that well.

A less shitty person would not let Titus die, but I guess I can’t really judge the people of the wasteland. Their lives are very different from ours. It's not that I protect Maximus, but Titus was pretty unbearable to work with. And he also threatened Maximus's life.

Maximus tried to do the right thing and save Lucy later on. However, he still needs a lot of practice because…

The Ghoul Fights Well

The Ghoul went to search for Ziggie, given the information he had gotten from his late employers. I’m not sure what his motivations are yet.

It was very impressive to see him fight against Maximus (not that Maximus was really good; it’s just that his suit was overpowered).

Even before Maximus got there, the scene where the ghoul destroys everyone trying to get him and shoots Ziggie’s leg off was fantastic.

We see The Ghoul showing some mercy to the dog who is still alive and giving him a stimpack. I wonder if the dog would also lead The Ghoul to Ziggie’s head or just his body.

Muldaver and Ziggie’s Head

When Ziggie tells Lucy he took Cyanide, it’s a real shocker. Wasn’t Ziggie a cast member? He came into our lives in Episode 2, and we won’t see him after Episode 2.

Something feels fishy.

I don’t know why yet, but I assume Muldaver has what she needs to extract the information in that shard. But what about Ziggie? I wonder if there is a way to transfer his mind to a machine somehow. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was possible, given that this world has limited AI.

What do you think Muldaver will do with Ziggie’s head? Let me know in the comments below!

Predictions For The Next Episode

I don't think we're quite done with Ziggie just yet. Sure, the human is dead, but asking Lucy to bring his head to Muldaver suggests she knows about that shard he injected into his skull. Is that a mechanical thing? Does it include information? I'm not sure.

That's obviously what we're going to see in the next episode, right? It seems like this episode was focused on introducing Ziggie, showing that he injected himself with that shard to show his importance, and then making him meet with our heroes.

Muldaver is ruthless, but I don't know her motivations yet. What is she after? What does changing the future mean? Did Ziggie find a way to purify water or reduce radiation in a way that will make the world less hostile?

I think Lucy will meet Muldaver in the next episode, and when she finds Muldaver, she will find her father or at least some information about him.

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