Dimension 20: The Ravening War Review

Should you watch The Ravening War? How is it? Let's discuss all that and more about the 17th season of Dimension 20.

Dimension 20: The Ravening War Review
Image: Dimension 20.

So, you're curious about The Ravening War and want to know if it's good. You heard it's a prequel to another Dimension 20 season called A Crown of Candy, and now you're wondering - should I watch that one first? Highly Recommended. This season, even though it's a prequel, has some callbacks to that season, and you wouldn't want to be the only one around the table who isn't laughing, right?

The Ravening War was a fantastic season and a massive rollercoaster of emotions. Matt Mercer's DMing was as spectacular and ruthless as you'd expect from him, the players around the table brought the BEST vibes for this season, and the whole packaging was a chef's kiss. Kudos to the artists and Rick Perry's team!

Let's dive into it!

Dimension 20: The Ravening War

The Ravening War is Dimension 20's 17th season set in Calorum - the world of A Crown of Candy. GM'd by Matt Mercer.

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Matt Mercer's DMing

Matt has an excellent habit of introducing a scenario and letting the players run with it. This habit has made for some very cool scenes throughout this season. It also enabled some very cool character growth moments.

When Matt DMs, it's not hard to guess he is a professional voice actor. Some of the voices he made for NPCs and situations were on point and helped visualize some of the elements in a theatre of the mind scene or even added some flavor to a battle set or the personality of a mini. Overall, I felt very immersed in the story.

Matt also kept us on our toes the entire time. It wasn't until the last episode that the horrible complete picture was revealed.

Players' Character and Vibe

This season's players are Anjali Bhimani, Aabria Iyengar, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Lou Wilson, and Zac Oyama.

This table has the BEST vibes. Most of the season, you'll find BFF vibes between Brennan and Lou, Aabria vibes (always the best ones), and Anjali and Zac just being awesome to be around.

Season Packaging and Flavor

This season we've seen the return of Rick Perry's minis and battle set, in addition to some cool dome screen transitions.

But the one production aspect that always gets me is the show's editing. It always looks minimally edited, but the episode is very condensed. Imagine how long and less powerful it would have been without that tight editing. Good job, D20 crew!

The art for the characters has also been impressive. It was good to see the transformation of the characters over the years through the character art.

Finally, the choices of music were very on point. Loved the music behind the dialog and how the music added another layer to the scenes.


I loved The Ravening War. It reminded me of everything good about A Crown of Candy. However, it also reminded me of all the stressful moments, grieving, and generally higher stress during the session.

If you're ready for a season where the lows are really low and the highs are pretty high, then The Ravening War is for you.

What did you think about the season? Let me know in the comments below!

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